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Did you know beeswax candles clear the air of allergens and pollutants and are natural air purifiers.  The organic essential oils then fill your home with beautiful aromas with powerful aromatherapy benefits designed to soothe your mood.




Why Us?

bee Candles is the product of two candle lovers wanting to produce a range of totally natural and organic luxury scented candles!


 Beeswax has incredible qualities including the ability to cleanse the air and rid it of many airborne allergens.


Did you know that paraffin candles are made from petrochemical derivatives? That means when you burn your synthetically fragranced scented candles you are in fact releasing toxins into your environment. On top of that a lot of candles also contain non sustainable gm ingredients.

Here at bee candles we are passionate about providing a luxury experience for you whilst also looking after your precious home environment.  Beeswax is a natural air purifier and can even clear the air of allergens making it a great choice for asthmatics and those with airborne allergies.  We offer both unscented beeswax candles and scented candles with totally organic and natural essential oils. So give our products a try and delight in Mother Nature's most beautiful natural resources... bees, flowers and trees! 

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