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Did you know beeswax candles clear the air of allergens and pollutants and are natural air purifiers.  The organic essential oils then fill your home with beautiful aromas with powerful aromatherapy benefits designed to soothe your mood.




Why Us?

bee's mission is to produce totally natural luxury scented candles and body care products without you having to worry about the effect of chemicals, unsustainable ingredients or any other nasties pumped into so many products on the shelves these days!


 Beeswax is our hero product ,hence the name.. it has incredible qualities including the ability to cleanse the air and rid it of many airborne allergens. It also has wonderful properties for the skin, it has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial abilities essential for combatting dry, chapped or inflamed skin. It forms a protective wall by sealing in moisture without smothering and clogging up pores making it perfect for our balms. Honey is also the perfect tonic as it is a natural humectant which draws moisture in and locks it in giving it strength to repair any damage and soothe dry, inflamed skin.

By combining our products with other top quality ingredients such as organic virgin olive oil, babassu oil, jojoba oil and gorgeous natural essential oils we are providing that luxury experience without having to worry about any nasties such as paraffin, palm oil, sulphates, preservatives, chemicalsor unsustainable ingredients. Our products are not tested on animals and all our packaging is minimal and doesn't contain plastic. 



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