About Us


Here at bee Candles we are passionate about nature. We also love luxury and spoiling ourselves and we love the power of aromatherapy to help us relax and rejuvenate in our own home.  These loves of ours got us to thinking... could we create a brand that embraced clean living and green thinking whilst also providing a sumptuous, luxurious experience.... the answer is... YES!

bee has created a range of totally natural, totally organic beeswax candles and melts which contain absolutely NO chemicals, NO paraffin, NO synthetic fragrances and NO additives.


Beeswax is a natural odoriser which eliminates bad smells and even removes allergens from the air at the same time therefore helping with asthma and airborne allergies.  We then added the highest quality organic essential oils on the market and blended beautiful scents for you to enjoy safe in the knowledge that the air surrounding you will be toxin and petrochemical free.

Having learnt so much about beeswax we then worked towards explanding our range.  Our beeswax lip balms are totally natural and include only 100% natural ingredients with absolutely no nasties, no preservatives and no chemicals. Beeswax is your skin's best friend thanks to its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which lock in moisture and forms a protective barrier, the perfect shield for your skin to rejuvenate and repair itself. 

Keep checking back to site as some more brand new products are launching very soon!!

So please, jump in and sample the fruit of our labour... we can't wait to create more!!