A double whammy of goodness..! Delight in your 100% natural beeswax melts and organic essential oil melts on top of this gorgeous Himalayan Salt rock burner with its own amazing health benefits. Pop a bee tealight into the Himalayan Salt and see it glow up and begin releasing negative ions to cleanse your air and lift your mood.


With a vast range of health benefits Himalayan salt has been shown to attract humidity, remove moisture and pollutants from the air, aid sleep, improve mood and create a soothing effect. 


All of this can then be boosted up by our delicious bee melts infused with the very best organic essential oils allowing you to benefit from the powerful armatherapy properties of each beautiful natural oil. 


Each pack contains a Himalayan Salt Burner, a hessian bag of 8 bee melts and a bee tealight.


Please note Colours may vary due to natural Himalayan Salt Rock.

Himalayan Salt Burner Pack