100% pure,natural luxury yellow beeswax candle. This beautifully scented Organic Geranium candle will create a wonderfully warming ambiance in your home thanks to the natural scent of beeswax fresh from the hive and the very highest quality geranium essential oil. This very special candle is one of our favourite staples and one of the reasons that we love beeswax so much! Named 'Hygge' this candle epitomises everything cosy and warming thereby matching its name perfectly.


Beeswax is also known the have the ability to cleanse the air by releasing negative ions which grab onto any allergens floating in the air causing them to drop to the floor.


Approx burn time 45hrs - many candles on the market have very long burn times which is mostly due to added chemicals which help prolong burn time.  As we are a totally natural and organic product and all handmade in small batches, we don't add anything into our candles and benefit from the wonderful, natural candle with non of the added nasties.


Large Geranium Hygge 100% Beeswax Candle