A gorgeous candle scented with the highest quality essential oils. Aromatherapy has countless benefits to mind and soul.  Our large candle are all lovingly handmade using the highest quality natural ingredients.


Available in three scents each one carries it's own special soothing aroma with powerful aromatherapy benefits.


Geranium & Bergamot is our signature scent and will fill your home with the luxurious scent of the most indulgent spa.

Sleepy bee is a powerful duo featuring lavender and geranium essential oils which work beautifully together to relax the senses and induce a deep and restful sleep.

And gorgeously floral ylang ylang will chase away feelings of sadness or low mood and soothe your mind.


Using the very best and most natural ingredients, including our very own unique wax blend of beeswax, rapeseed and coconut, bee have created a wonderfully luxurious candle that will burn for approx 40 hours.   Using 100% natural ingredients it will release nothing but pure, natural essential oil goodness into your precious home environment.  No nasty additives, paraffin, toxins or chemical fragrances, just pure, natural deliciousness. 



bee Candle (Large)